DWS Classics 2018 SEMA Build.DWSClassics is proud to present it’s SEMA 2018 C10.

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When it comes to performance, DWS Classics has you covered.We’ve built multi-carbed show winners, Hillborn injected autocrossers, and high-powered single carbed performers.


Whether it’s a "Numbers Matching" vehicle restoration, or a "Custom Build", DWS Classics can tackle any project. High quality builds are our business!


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DWS Classics is not limited to any one makers vehiicles. Quite to contrary; DWS Classics has love for many vehicles across several manufacturers lines.

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For 20 years we’ve been building and restoring classic vehicles. What started as a hobby, later turned into something bigger. From nut and bolt restorations, to custom built vehicles, we can handle whatever you may ask of us.
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